PCB manufacturing equipment

We have presented the largest range of equipment for the production of printed circuit boards in Russia.

We cooperate with leaders in the production of equipment for printed circuit boards. Thanks to this, we will deliver any equipment as soon as possible from our warehouse or from the warehouse of our partners. If there are difficulties with the choice, our experts will advise and help you decide on the basis of your requirements and tasks.

  • Work Automatic Double Sided Panel Exposure Altix
  • Work automatic measurement and control system Genitec GAM820
  • Work rotation unit Kuttler 3033.34
  • NOVATOR JSC - All for production of PCB

    Novator JSC is the exclusive representative of ALTIX in Russia!

    Our portfolio is complemented by high quality photolithography and Direct Imaging equipment from ALTIX.

  • NOVATOR JSC - All for production of PCB

    We are pleased to present the updated line of equipment CEDATEC

    Novator JSC became the exclusive distributor of CEDATEC in Russia.

  • NOVATOR JSC - All for production of PCB

    Auxiliary materials arrived on a warehouse

    The next batch of antistatic suits and gloves, suits for clean zones and antistatic rugs for clean rooms arrived on a warehouse of JSC Novator. Specify the prices and availability in sales department