The system of automatic optical inspection (AOI Orion 828)

The system works on the technology of automatic detection of defects. The latest data processing system allows you to increase the quality of the scanned image and improve the performance of AOI. Equipped with Camtek’s patented critical defect detection system. High defect detection capability is achieved by combining three different methods:

Optical control is an obligatory procedure for the production of parts. The product is monitored immediately after soldering and identifies various defects formed, helps to detect soldering, jumper or poor-quality soldering, lack of components, also reads the marking of components, and assesses the quality of joints.

In this section, optical control systems using the technology for the automatic detection of critical defects are presented.

  • Exposure unit Wilhelm Staub ELTROCOP-R – Part 1
  • Exposure unit Wilhelm Staub ELTROCOP-R – Part 2
  • ltix: Acura SA | Semi-Automatic Double Sided UV Exposer
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