Hitachi Chemical company

Hitachi Chemical Co Ltd manufactures various materials for the electronics industry. The main products of the company include batteries, printed circuit boards, capacitors, diagnostic equipment, semiconductors and films.

The company dates back to 1912, when it began its first research in the field of electrical insulating materials. Currently, it can be attributed to the world giants in the development of technologies and materials in the field of electronic industry. Hitachi Chemical’s main goal is to develop society through the development of advanced technologies and products.

завод hitachi chemical

  • Work Laminator CEDAL AL130
  • Work Electrical Control Equipment ATG A5
  • Metallization line SCHMID Black Hole after renovation by JSC “NOVATOR” – Water testing
  • NOVATOR JSC - All for production of PCB

    PRODUCT OF THE MONTH. 20% discount on MacDermid Alpha flux

    Dear customers, we are happy to announce the expansion of the MacDermid Alpha product line in Russia.

  • NOVATOR JSC - All for production of PCB

    Unbelievable, but TRUE. Black Hole saves you money from the first day of operation!

    Switching to Blackhole metallization from MacDermid Alpha allows you to earn even with the rental or purchase of equipment.

  • NOVATOR JSC - All for production of PCB

    UNIQUE OFFER! ATG A5 electrical control unit with Kelvin probes

    Dear manufacturers of printed circuit boards! We inform you that the ATG A5 machine with the possibility of conducting the Kelvin test has been delivered to the warehouse of JSC "Novator".