Direct automatic exposure of photoresist equipment APOLLON DI A11 for pcb production

Apollon DI A11 is a high exposure performance, high resolution (conductor width up to 20 microns), the ability to scale each workpiece individually, traditional PrintProcess high alignment accuracy, long service life of the led light sources, the ability to use traditional photoresists and ease of automation.

Features of Apollon-DI series units:
  • Modular design, which allows to increase productivity in the future by increasing the number of exhibiting modules and adding automation elements (automatic loader, automatic unloader, modules of billet turning).
  • Barcode reader for automatic job loading (optional). Isolated exposure area, which has a system of filtering the ambient air with HEPA filter, which makes the exposure area cleaner than in the room.
  • Built-in system for cleaning the surface of the boards from dust and dirt before feeding into the exposure area, as well as immediately before exposure.
  • Intuitive touch screen controls. It is possible to remotely download control programs and monitor the health of the installation. Various data formats are supported, including Gerber and ODB++.
  • Extensive serialization capabilities: boards number, date, time, scale, 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • Automatic alignment with video cameras. It is possible to bind to technological or transition holes, reference marks on the topology, marks on the contrast photoresist, marks on the workpiece.
  • The granite base of the plant and linear drives in all axes.
Type of installation Semi-automatic, with manual loading/ unloading
The minimum size of the board, mm 200 x 305
The maximum size of the board, mm 610 x 635
The thickness of the board, mm 0,050 — 5,0
Resolution, microns 2,1 / 3,5
Minimum conductor width gap, microns – 20 / 35
The roughness of the edges, m 2,1 / 3,5
Changing the width of the conductor within* ±2,1 / ±3,5
Capacity up to, boards / hour 220 pcs
Reference marks Hole / Ring / Transition hole mark on contrast photoresist
Alignment accuracy +-5
Alignment XY, rotate, scale
Task change time, sec <10
Depth of focus, microns 300nm
СMethod of fixing the boards Vacuum clamp
Integrated cleaning of boards from dust 2 heads
Compressed air pressure, bar 6
Power supply 400V, 3 phase, 50 Hz, 1.8 kW
The size of the machine, mm 2420 x 1850 x 1850
Weight, kg 2900
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